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Newest items


Spray Sound: Zelda Puzzle Chime
Flower Power (2017)
Adds a sound effect to your spray.

Supply Crate Keys

Open up crates for a chance to get a special item.


Consumables like coins contain cool effects that last for a short duration when used. Effects vary from manipulating specific effects in a gamemode to lowering gravity or playing a music track on the server.

Chat Features

Want to add some power and flavour to your chat messages? Then be sure to check out these. How about an item that plays a quote of your favourite content creator, or maybe some rainbow text?

Name Colors (Name Paint)

Show your true colours by buying name paint. Equipping name paint changes your name's color inside the servers, maybe a lighter shade of red, maybe a bit of green on the BLU team? We have it all.

Taunt Effects

Sometimes a taunt doesn't give it all: it needs more shine, maybe a sound, or both. Our taunt effects blend in fine with existing taunts and help improving the taunt by giving players the choice for a different effect or sound.

Player Skins

Why want a Sans or Papyrus skin if you can actually walk around with something that does not make you look stupid? We got you covered.

Music Kits

When you are a god at a gamemode, you got to have a way to show it off.

Battlecry Replacement

When your battlecry is not fierce or goofy enough.

Medic Call Replacement

When "MEDIC!" won't do, get something that gets attention.

Ubercharge Music

When your Ubercharge is not epic enough.

Crafting Materials

Need a material for a crafting recipe?

Spray Sounds

Your sprays have your own picture, why not add a sound to it?

'Thanks' Voice

When you want to be more thankful, in some way.

'Yes' Voice


'No' Voice

Just no.

Death Effect

Ow! Now I am clearly more dead than before!

Respawn Effect

Get hyped, get ready to roll out!

Player Trails

Leave a line or two.

Other Items

Maybe something else? We got all kinds of items, check it out!