Privacy Policy

Last modified: 2023-10-06

1. Gathering Data

We (, the Site) do not use any scripts or 'click pixels' to track your usage and browsing habits on our website.
We use Stripe as our payment processor to securely and efficiently process donations. Stripe enforce the use of security scripts for the express purpose of fraud prevention. We have no access to any data points this script may collect. As per above, the data is held in accordance with Stripe's privacy policy.
Cloudflare may also enforce the use of additional scripts during normal use of our Website if your traffic is deemed suspicious. We have no access to any data collected by these scripts. As per above, data collected by additional scripts from Cloudflare is held in accordance with Cloudflare's privacy policy.

Our forum has an additional privacy policy which can be found here:

2. Storage of Data

3. Usage of Stored Data

This list will be updated as and when we have a required use for data we hold in regards to user accounts. Should you wish to inquire about how we use data available to us, please email [email protected]

4. Retrieval and Deletion of Data