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ded 天安门广场 1989



Acquired through events or crate unboxing, items of this quality track certain stats.


Retired items. Consumables (coins, etc) under this item quality can not be used.


Registered on July 23, 2018
Last active on April 15, 2019.

Forum Profile

Contributed over 1 messages.
Registered on August 01, 2018.
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Badge Progress

ded 天安门广场 1989 has obtained 96 (0 limited or exclusive) out of 344 badges.
Smash Fortress
Games won: 122
Kills made: 238
Games won: 0
Kills made: 13
Levels gained: 17
Kills made: 158
Airblasts: 780
Rounds won: 0
Minigames won: 0
Versus Saxton Hale
Current Hale Winstreak: 0