Welcome to Red Sun Over Paradise

You can recognize staff by their ★ (administrator), ★ (community manager), or ☆ (moderator) before their usernames. Server content creators are recognized by their ♢ (senior developer) and ♢ (developer).

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Communication rules

  • Communication should be in English at all times.
  • If a staff member tells you to adjust your behaviour then do so.
  • Refrain from spamming 'binds', 'lennies' or similar, nobody likes them.
  • Use your microphone responsibly - no one wants to hear you scream into the mic.
  • We have automated systems in place to remove advertising from usernames. Attempting to bypass these systems will lead to punishment.

Micspam rules

  • Micspamming is allowed if no music is being played by the map, gamemode or server.
  • The micspam should be of good quality with only one person spamming at a time.
  • If you are asked to stop your by multiple people or a staff member then you are required to stop.

Spray and Decal rules

  • Sprays should not contain gore, sexual activities, pornographic and/or adult content, etc.
  • If the spray shows visible uncensored genitals in a sexual context (or in other words, if the spray is pornographic), then it's a bannable spray.

Participating in gamemodes

  • Being a friendly (or otherwise playing abnormally, abusing exploits or intentionally losing the game) in our servers is a privilege, not a right. The way you play is your business. However, if the other players on the server are taking serious issue by how you play (be it being friendly, exploiting, griefing, etc.) or a moderator asks you to stop, you should stop. It is never allowed on VSH, SZF or STT.
  • Generally, if it is not exploiting our services or bothering other players, we won't bother you about it.
  • This rule is subject to moderator judgement. If you think staff are acting out of order, please send a report in to an adminstrator through your preferred means of contact.