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Item Catalog

This is a list of all the items you can obtain, or were previously obtainable.

BP Find sound


Pain sound


Supply crate keys

Voiceline: Domination

Voiceline: Jeers

Voiceline: Medic

Voiceline: Miscellaneous

Voiceline: Negative

Voiceline: No

Voiceline: Thanks

Voiceline: Yes

Strange Types

  • Kills
  • Wins
  • Minutes Played
Music kit
  • Dodgeball Kills
  • Dodgeball Wins
  • Music Kit Plays
Übercharge music
  • Übercharges

Existing unusual effects

  • Orbiting Cloudy Moon
  • Rainbow Stars
  • Holy Glow
  • Haunted Glow
  • Haunted Flames
  • Ghost Glow
  • Team Sparks
  • Team Skeleton Souls
  • Electric Discharge
  • Shimmering Emerald
  • Topaz Twinkle
  • Icy Mist