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Stock maps now in Gamemode Madness rotation

That's right, due to high demand we are now running Stock maps in our Gamemode Madness servers.

Every single non-event stock map has been added into active rotation under the "Stock Classic" gamemode. Prepare for some good ol' TF2 in-between all of the wacky action.

But that is not all, because on every Stock map, we are running bakugo's Weapon Reverts plugin. This means that you can play with all of your favorite weapon combos from days long past once again.
Visit the link above or use the !reverts command in-game to learn more.


And that's a wrap.

Now that everything's mostly out the way...

Thanks to everyone who donated and was part of the BlapBash 2022 fundraiser. So far, over $52,000 has been raised (and donations are still open until August 16th if you missed out) with maybe some more from those who missed out but still want some virtual items.

Anyone donating $10 or more also got an exclusive Red Sun nametitle along with their badges, which is granted instantly if you donated at least once via cash donation and your total donated was over $10.
At the time of writing, we've given over 814 unique players their in-server rewards. Sadly, not many of them are aware of us... yet.

If you donated via item donation and want to get your hands on a name title (as we could only offer this via cash donations this year), send me an email at tohru [at] with receipt of your item donation on ScrapTF. I should be able to verify it and grant you the title manually.

To those who joined the community from the BlapBash streams, you're encouraged to take a look around. If you like what you see, you're free to stay. Spread the word, even. It's nice to have a few new faces around. We have our own in-server event coming up that we hope to get out the door soon for everyone to enjoy.

Until next time.

aw shit, here we go again™

Can you hear it? It's the sounds of people going crazy over virtual in-game medals again because it's been years since the last content update. And based off of last year's turnouts, people really, really want those medals. Why? That's a mystery. Don't ask, I'm not omniscient, just good at hiding bad life choices.

I'm not going to write up something else because it's mostly already been said on a twitter post but hey, we're doin' some charity stuff again to show off out finest hand-picked, question-inducing content this side of the server browser.
Now everyone will get to see you suck terribly at your favourite gamemode on livestream.

This time around if you donate $10 or more to SpecialEffect (must be signed into Steam and click the checkbox to share info) you'll get a mostly-useless name title for your own dick-waving and ego inflation, because that's what truly matters.

This took me 10 minutes to write while half-asleep. You're not going to get literary mastery.

Jukebox Rotation Update for 2022-06-08

Out with the old, in with the older. New jukebox dropped.

Item suggestions reopened

That's right, after 2 years the item suggestions are finally open again.

Read more:

Introducing Loadout 5.0

Forum thread:

After much money parted with and effort wasted/spent, we finally have a website that isn't absolute shit. Huzzah.
I won't bother with the absolute shittery that was having to migrate to a new dedicated machine so that performance doesn't shit the bed if we try anything. Ask me personally if you want that story.



  • Added Trading
    • Items and Battle Points can be traded between two users
    • Item tradeability is determined the same way as giftable
    • Trading away items costs 5 BP tax, same as gifting
  • Added stats leaderboard, item catalog and map list pages
  • Updated equip functionality
    • Removed equip page
    • Items can now be equipped by right-clicking an item in inventory page, or in item's inventory detail page
    • Coins and crates are now passives, and can be used in-game without needing to re-equip after consumption
    • Command to unbox a crate is now "/unbox"
    • Multiple taunts can now be equipped, but only one unrestricted can be equipped, along with one for each specific taunt
  • Merge badge list and user badges in profile into one page
  • Added order and filter options in inventory, badges, shop and crafting pages
  • Added 55 new badges
  • Added new statistics (and publicised some old ones)

  • New members joining a Red Sun server will now automatically have a Loadout account created
  • Added option for users to set profile, inventory and badges as private
  • Allow multiple crafts at once
  • Moved pain item passives to their own non-passive type
  • Badge rarities now auto-updated based on amount obtained from active users (last logged in 90 days)
  • Update badge's hue degree to be more colourful
  • Player Level no longer count limited and exclusive badges to progress
  • Using a coin no longer instantly deletes itself as an item it until it's effect were to happen
    • Coins will not be craftable or tradeable if consumed and waiting for effects to activate
    • If map changes and a coin effect was not activated, then the coin's non-craftable and non-tradeable status will be lifted
  • Added map and gamemode creator attribution
    • All self-made map stamp items have been removed to replace this system
    • Displays in user profile on maps and gamemodes created
    • Playing current map or gamemode user created in-game will show an unusual sparkle effect
  • Announce in TF2 when a user performs the following actions while in-game:
    • Buying an item from the server shop
    • Crafting an item
    • Trading with another user
    • Gifting or receiving a gift from another user
    • Finding a badge on the website
    • Player level increase
    • Donating to Red Sun (global across all servers)
  • Add more info on current and next map for each server on the home page
  • Multi-byte chars now only count as one character in custom donator title's max length
  • Added support for animated Steam avatars and backgrounds
  • Updated user's name to display in user card and profile to be identical to TF2 chat name
  • Add notification in-game when prime time drop rate boost is in effect
  • Improve in-game server hop functionality to include more information
  • Fixed in-game commands to open previously broken MOTD pages
  • Updated the following existing items to Vintage:
    • Blood Efficiency Coin
    • Dark Halloween Ornament
    • Light Halloween Ornament
    • Haunted Scrap Metal
    • Rusted Gel Can (Both)
    • Haunted Reclaimed Metal
    • Pile of Spooks
    • Haunted Refined Metal
    • Title: I Gave Blood
    • Crafting Token (Golden Coal)
    • Spray Sound: Flipnote
    • Spray Sound: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
  • Updated crafting recipes:
    • Removed all recipes where crafting recipes have at least one of the items that were converted to vintage
    • Added new recipes for items that were craft-able from Crafting Token (Golden Coal)
  • Update Aurora Mansion Puzzle Box to apply effect to user card and sidebar info
  • Removed 60, 120 and 300 BP tokens
    • All users who had BP tokens have had them re-converted to BP.

Jukebox Rotation Update (2022-04-13)
Seven years of senseless suffering

I am writing this having consumed enough alcohol to kill a man, so excuse any errors. I usually write these posts every December/January or so, but I'm a lazy motherfucker. If I cared any less I'd have released this in 2032, so there's that

...God, no. I'm not writing some sappy bullshit. You want me to repeat some false goddamn platitudes everyone's heard a million times?


2021 was quiet for the most part. How you interpret that is up to you.

  • We (finally) started work on the new Loadout website - the unworkable spaghetti garbage of a website currently in use will soon be taken out back and put to rest.
  • We also moved to fully baremetal servers and beefed up our DDoS protection - Things run faster now. It's cool.
  • Logging in today will grant you a hastily-made placeholder badge (final icon still to come because i am a LAZY MOTHERFUCKER WHO DOES FUCK ALL ). You also get the chance to purchase some limited edition URF coins at 150BP a coin, because the only reason people ever save their virtual coins is for equally useless garbage. Now that I think about it, same reason Discord Nitro exists...

Okay, are you happy now? Then fuck off, have this video of the rare finnish man preparing the delicacy of the ES pasta , I need to go back to sleep, preferably forever.

Maybe I'll edit this with something more meaningful when I'm not entirely sleep deprived.

Red Sun: powering another goddamn MvM project

(blame steam for not fucking updating edits immediately - link is not whatever garbage I originally typed)
A while back, I got asked: "Hey dipshit, do you want to relentlessly toil away at more backend work for us for zero recognition?"

As you'll see below, you know what my answer was after I was met with a phone call I simply couldn't refuse.

Go over and visit - powered by months of internal shitposting and charity work, ironically for a charity.
Go play now and get medals - Be the cool kid and join before Valve announces it, for those sweet sweet bragging rights that absolutely fucking nobody cares about!

I'm quite drunk and wrote this in 10 minutes, you expect the pinnacle of comedy from someone who can't even be remotely funny on a zimbabwean mudcrafting forum?

New PropHunt plugin now live

Both Gamemode Madness servers are now running a new and modern PropHunt plugin, created by yours truly.
Along with its release, there are 3 new PropHunt badges to be discovered.

Here's what's different in the new version:

  • Ability to choose any prop in the map (similar to Garry's Mod Prop Hunt)
  • Player health scales with prop size
  • PropLock now allows you to lock in mid-air
  • Hunters now get around using a grappling hook
  • No more afterburn on props
  • Less weapon and class restrictions
  • ...and many other changes I can't be bothered to type out

As with everything, the gamemode will continue to receive updates and adjustments. Enjoy!

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