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The Blood Resurgence event has ended

As announced, the Blood Resurgence event has finally come to an end. All of you together have wasted enough time to amass a whopping 15,270,916 litres of blood.
You can stop acting like gorillas and return to playing the game like normal people now.

Event Items
All event items acquired through the blood meters have been converted to Genuine quality.
All event-specific items have been converted to Vintage quality.

To close off the event, special titles have been given out based on your performance.

The top blood collector has received a unique title for their dedication to acquiring worthless internet points.
But don't worry, everyone else that has received at least their first milestone will also find a title in their inventory.
Additionally, everyone who has contributed more than the average amount of blood (69,535 litres, calculated from all players who have received their first milestone) has received an additional title.

The event page[] will still be up for a couple more days. If you haven't spent your blood tokens yet, do it now.

As much as I like to meme and you like to scream, I hope you all enjoyed this rehashed mess. Until the next event, whenever that may be.
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Minor issue regarding donation form fixed

We had a few people message in about cardholder names not being accepted on the donator form on the website - this should be rectified for now lest the ancient spaghetti code that is the redsun website starts doing what it does best (and by this I mean violently breaking everything)

We're still looking to commission a web developer. We're paying real money for this, mostly because everyone else hates web dev work, myself included. E-mail for more info. (please)
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Season of Screams IV: Blood Resurgence

We're still looking for a web developer to do some work. It's paid. Email tohru [at] redsun [dot] tf for info (a steam message is fine too). We're choking on spaghetti code. Damn Italians.

Shameless rehashes! Terrible fucking writing! Atrocious naming sense! Egotistical dick waving! It's all here, for the totally not not-unexpected Season of Screams IV: Blood Resurgence!

Forum thread here:
Event page here:

Find all the hovertexts and win absolutely fucking nothing!
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Website, forums and servers are down for maintenance

Update @ 18:37 UTC - Maintenance has concluded, servers will be online shortly.

We expect this to take a minimum of one hour as we are attempting to de-shittify a lot of old code, and we expect lots of things to break when deploying to live.

More information as it comes.
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Some minor (and maybe not so minor) forum changes

Main body of text I can't be bothered copying over is here:

tl;dr cool forum stuff like banners and voting on suggestions is now a thing
please use it or you make wakaliwood sad
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What's next: September 2020 & onwards

It has been a while since I've put out any announcements, much less any communication of substance, but there are a few pieces of information I do want to share.

Firstly, I'd like to put out an advertisement for a good web developer to help us redesign our current website, both inside and out. (We are currently focused on our backend plugins internally, and are lacking volunteers to help with the web end of things.)
If you're interested, please send an email to tohru [at] redsun [dot] tf with your information and portfolio as this will be a paid commission - payment will be negotiated (but will be fair).

I'd like to also apologise for silently removing one of the most used forum sections - this was due to an external incident caused by malicious actors. The issue has since been resolved with appropriate remedial actions taken.
The affected forum section will be reopened shortly after the publishing of this announcement, and I do wish to encourage further use of the forums as the primary and official means of communication.

As for our next event, we do have a few things in the works, but this year has been fairly turbulent as most people will know, so unfortunately we haven't made as much progress towards our next events and internal goals as much as we have wanted to.
For those of you keeping an eye on the code repositories[], you'll notice that although we haven't come out with any big events or changes, there's still been plenty of effort going towards improving gamemodes and fixing bugs.

While there is plenty of work going on that everyone can see, there is just as much work going on behind the curtains.

Once again, I'd like to thank those of you who've stayed for supporting us throughout these times. It's people who continue to enjoy the content we produce that lets us keep running.

Keep fragging, people.
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