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Update for 1/4/2019

Update: It turns out that those were not, in fact, lawyers. Those were Tencent agents sent to attempt to buy us out. Fortunately, one text-based EMP was enough to stop that.
Normal service has resumed, please enjoy the rest of your April Fools.

  • Due to licensing laws and the implementation of (sh)article 13, we have been forced to remove most copyrighted content
  • Non-GM servers are locked until this is resolved
  • Unlocked servers are currently only serving 24/7 dr_magicmissile for your convenience and ear rape pleasure

I am waiting to hear back from our lawyers to see if our licensing agreement was successful, until then please enjoy this licensed and allowed copyright content.
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Potential connectivity issue for all servers

I've been informed that some users are unable to connect to any of our servers, or access our website at all.
If you're having trouble connecting, send me an email at with a traceroute to any of our servers as I'm currently sending information through to our host regarding this issue.
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Four years, and maybe four more

something something forum thread here:

There's short years and long years.
Short years are those ones filled with updates, content and business that go by so fast that there's too much to talk about in one single announcement, which is generally good for everyone. In contrast, the long ones are the years where nothing happens because the sole admin is too busy eating shoe polish with a side of bleach meaning there's nothing to do or talk about when the next year rolls round.

It's been mixed.
On one hand, we've started to make steady progress towards three gamemodes that should help increase what we have to offer.
MicroTF2, the WarioWare interpretation made by Gemidyne Developments[] has been integrated with the Loadout and should be ready for active rotation (along with the addition of badges for those who care about those) if nothing else kills it outright within 5 seconds of executing the code.
On top of that, Alex Turtle has taken a dive into creating plugins, with the revival of the old BomberMod plugin which, back in TF2's heyday, was featured in multiple gaming outlets and even on some french television programme at one point. (Crazy, I know. Everyone knows the french don't have television, they have baguettevision.)
Hell, we even have Red Sun Kart development being restarted by GeeNoVoid. I don't personally know how that will end up, but we might get something playable and enjoyable out of what has long been the in-joke meme gamemode.

It's not all been great, though.
A lot's happened, and a lot of people have gone their own ways. I've had to make difficult decisions either way which, unsurprisingly, have caused their fair share of trouble. However, we're still standing for now. We're not dead yet.

So, to all I say: Happy Birthday, Red Sun Over Paradise. Thanks for the memories, and let's look forward to making more.

- Tohru Adachi
Founder, Administrator of Red Sun Over Paradise
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it returns

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boss_jevil: now on Workshop so you don't scream at us lik...

now please let me sleep
the flowey kiddies are coming back and I don't want them back
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