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Red Sun: powering another goddamn MvM project

(blame steam for not fucking updating edits immediately - link is not whatever garbage I originally typed)
A while back, I got asked: "Hey dipshit, do you want to relentlessly toil away at more backend work for us for zero recognition?"

As you'll see below, you know what my answer was after I was met with a phone call I simply couldn't refuse.

Go over and visit - powered by months of internal shitposting and charity work, ironically for a charity.
Go play now and get medals - Be the cool kid and join before Valve announces it, for those sweet sweet bragging rights that absolutely fucking nobody cares about!

I'm quite drunk and wrote this in 10 minutes, you expect the pinnacle of comedy from someone who can't even be remotely funny on a zimbabwean mudcrafting forum?
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New PropHunt plugin now live

Both Gamemode Madness servers are now running a new and modern PropHunt plugin, created by yours truly.
Along with its release, there are 3 new PropHunt badges to be discovered.

Here's what's different in the new version:
  • Ability to choose any prop in the map (similar to Garry's Mod Prop Hunt)
  • Player health scales with prop size
  • PropLock now allows you to lock in mid-air
  • Hunters now get around using a grappling hook
  • No more afterburn on props
  • Less weapon and class restrictions
  • ...and many other changes I can't be bothered to type out

As with everything, the gamemode will continue to receive updates and adjustments. Enjoy!
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Server query issues resolved

Since the Team Fortress 2 update on October 5, some players have repeatedly experienced issues attempting to query or connect to our EU server.
This was caused by a sudden change to the A2S_INFO request in the server query protocol, which is used by Steam to request server info.

We are glad to announce that the issue has now been fully resolved and you should be able to connect to the server as usual again.
If you've deleted the server from your favourites in an attempt to fix the problem, feel free to re-add it:

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Season of Screams II items now available

We wanted to feel like a huge corporation worth billions of dollars for once, so we decided to recycle some old content, slightly adjust the hue of an image, and feed it back to the willing masses.

New Crate
The Resurrected Spooky Supply Crate #14 is now available in the drop pool.
It contains items from the past event Season of Screams II, some of which have been unobtainable since 2017.

In addition, the crate will be available for purchase in the shop up until November 1. So if you don't like waiting, go spend your hard earned virtual currency before it's too late.

Buy the crate here:
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PSA: Why you can't connect to the servers

To keep it short, the latest TF2 update causes Steam to think that some of our servers are unreachable or do not exist.
This affects both Raiden and Armstrong.

As a result, you will not be able to:
  • Discover the servers on the server browser
  • Connect to the servers using the server browser
  • Connect to the servers using steam:// links

You can, however, connect to the servers using the in-game developer console.
Enter these commands to bypass Steam and connect to the servers directly.

We are actively working to resolve this issue. You can stop asking now.
View on Steam Posted by Mikusch

RESOLVED - NVMe drive failure on NY servers

Update @ 23:59 UTC: Services have been restored, although individual gameservers are being checked over before being brought online to recieve updates.

Update @ 22:58 UTC: Disk checks have completed, however the machine is unable to establish an outside connection. This is being rectified.

Update @ 21:30 UTC: The machine has had its drive replaced and is working as expected. I am waiting for the machine to be re-networked.

Update @ 19:55 UTC: The drive has been cloned and replaced a few hours ago and automated checks are currently underway to ensure file system integrity.

At approximately 12:30 UTC, the NVMe drive on our dedicated machine in NYC started to throw I/O errors and cause services to freeze or outright fail.

Disk health was checked by the NOC from our hosting provider today at 13:43 UTC. Multiple attempts to repair the drive using disk utilities within the OS and from a rescue drive failed.

At 15:28 UTC, the drive has been detatched from the machine and has been sent off to be cloned and the NVMe drive on the server has been replaced and will be imaged to allow normal service resumption.

As a result, the following services are unavailable:
• US Gamemode Madness -
• US #1 -
• US DEV -

I apologise for the inconvenience.

View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi