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Introducing: the new EU Gamemode Madness server

A few days after getting a massive traffic surge from Surny (who's been a regular with us for a while now), our EU server has shot through the GameTracker rankings, currently sitting at 34th as of this message (with our US East one sitting on 160th - considering it was in somewhere in the 3000s, is still impressive), it's pretty obvious there's a bit of a callout to test the waters (especially with the Blap Bash coming up very soon) with more capacity in the EU.

So, from this announcement onwards, you should be able to join Khamsin, our 4th Gamemode Madness server! (even if it's listed as number 3, we just decided to swap the numbers because who cares haHAA)
You can join by using the address listed in the group description, which is in the console, or you can search within the server browser (and favourite it too) with the same address.

Now then, I have shitposting to do on a zimbabwean spearcrafting board, and it is of the utmost priority.

tl;dr join for more eu gamemode madness shenanigans
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New user help thread

Because for once, this is a good problem to have.

One of our community regulars Sparkana has decided to start up a Q&A thread for anyone who wants to ask (pretty much) anything about Red Sun. If you've got hundreds of questions, we've got answers.

You can visit the thread here:
If you don't have an account, just click the "sign in with steam" button on either the Log in or Register buttons on the forum, it's pretty simple after that
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Models/sounds/etc zip file

A few people asked me about getting a zip file of all the server's downloads because of shit internet, and i've obliged.

You can download and extract all the sounds, materials and models from this link:

I'll make subsequent announcements if/when we update it.
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Second EU GM server?

tl;dr we got shilled by surny, a very good memelord who has been a regular for a while now, but we want to continue to constant 32/32 because it makes me happy to share our work with so many new players

Vote here:

but seriously, thank you
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The Mega-Announcement: Charity, Server changes, and more

Well, it's been a while since I've written an announcement for the group, and I've got a lot of things to cover. Without any further dawdling about, let's get to it.

Charity sponsorship: Blap Bash 2018

If you've been keeping up to date on the latest goings-on within the TF2 community, then you've probably already heard of the Blap Bash 2018[], the 2nd annual Blapature Co. Charity event for Child's Play, and how we're listed as a sponsor.
Well, it's true. We have some stuff lined up for the fine folks over at Blapature, including surny, RTGame, and many others (read: I'm too lazy to go actually look up who's participating this year. They're all listed on their Steam group page, go check 'em out and maybe throw them some money, there's a shiny in-game badge if you do part with your hard-earned money.)

But what if you don't care about charity? What if you're only interested in stuff happening if there's something for you? Well, you're covered too. Mostly. We'll have some Red Sun exclusive items or so for joining our servers during the event.
(...We're still working some of the finer details out, and I'm out of people to blame on my "List of people to blame" list.)

Reworking our US servers
Not exactly the happiest topic in the world, but due to a downtick in people donating and generally overall everything being FUKKEN DEAD LMAO, we're looking at some sorta-large changes to the US side of things.
You can read more on the forum thread (and weigh in) here:

The Summer Event, Jukebox rotations, etc.
And just to top everything off, since people keep whining about when the rotation is changing, we'll cover this first (at least in this section.)
If you've been keeping up to date with affairs within the community, you'll know that we've had a wrench or two thrown in some plans of ours, which has massively impacted some of our plans. We're doing our best right now to make an event to get people into the servers to enjoy what we have to offer (and what we'll have to offer soon, once it's finished.) so please just be patient and bear with us on this front. A rotation of 20 or so songs is very low on our priorities right now, but we'll get around to it once the more important stuff is out of the way.

And yes, we are working non-stop on what is going to be our "summer" event, although we are keeping a tight lid on the finer details. All I can tell you right now is that we're going with something tried and tested that we know people like, so we (and me) have some confidence in this event being a success.

As usual, you can contact me personally over Steam, Discord or via email at Thanks for taking the time to read this, and enjoy your day/night/noon/apocalyptic doomsday.
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Maintenance finished

Hi everyone,

Most of the maintenance has been carried out.
Most of the public-facing assets have been reopened, and there should only be a few things left to clean up.

Thanks for sticking with us.
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