By now, the mind altering serum I paid to have added to the water supply should be kicking in, so you all should (hopefully) be a bit more receptive to this news than you would otherwise be. The presence of your eyeballs on this text is proof enough that the PCP and LSD mixture is working its way through your collective, rented brain cell.
Or you've just died, and I can collect the insurance policy in your name. Either way, we're winning big.

Anyhow, onto the news:
Last year, you may recall how Dispenz0r's Fun Server sadly closed its doors forevermore, yet we didn't do anything about the community logo on the bottom of our page. This is because I am a lazy fucking cunt.

However, I was approached last week by a fellow named Dispenz0r who handed me a suspicious zip file. All he said to me was "HE IS LEGEND OF SERVER" and disappeared into a white van that subsequently exploded. I can only surmise the bioluminescent federal agents were in hot pursuit, as the only thing in that zip file was the entirety of the DFS source code and assets, several digitized clones of various DFS community staff and a zip bomb.

There was also a note that said I now own Dispenz0r's Fun Server but who the fuck cares about that? It's not even near as interesting to the average Red Sun user.

And while I am thankful for the new selection of free e-janitorial labour (they do it for free after all), we do need more money to run this. A lot more money. Machines that can handle truly emergent consciousnesses aren't cheap, after all.

So, I present to you, as the new owner of Dispenz0r's Fun Server, in collaboration with the (digitized remains of) DFS legacy staff: The all-old Dystopian's Fun Server .

You can once again experience the dead remains of a once-beloved community server before I go in to monetize the absolute and everliving fuck out of this thing for every last dollar, euro and shekel these bits and bytes are worth! It's what everyone does now, what with the cost of living and all.

But be quick: this is only going to last for a day, because that's when we're going in and cannibalizing every last file for our own personal and exclusive use. That includes the Hat Kid model. Got to steal a few rolls of copper before pissing off the Romanians, y'know?

You can join in on the fun here: steam://connect/

now go away, I need money to help pay for PCP and ketamine

Easter Eggstravaganza

Last year’s Eggolocation event left us with an egg-traordinary amount of eggs. We thought we’d solved the problem by stashing them away in the Janitor’s Closet, but our janitor, being a responsible citizen, decided to ring up the local health department. They mentioned something about the eggs being a "major health risk" and "needing to be disposed of immediately". We’re not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds like the perfect excuse for another egg hunt.

From the 28th of March to the 1st of April , eggs will appear on all maps. Collecting them will earn you Battle Points and items, including crates.

This is a short mini-event with no new items. Enjoy, while we work on bigger stuff in the background.

⑨ years of strong psychic damage

Some would say you'd have to be strong or retarded to be the ringleader of Team Fortress 2's equivalent of window licking morons. I say: why not both? Why not enjoy having the immense fortitude to run this shitshow on wheels for 9 years, along with acknowledging the abused, single time-shared brain cell this entire community seems to operate on?

So, for the entire day (2024-03-14 UTC):

  • If you log in, you'll get the strongest badge for being present during our 9th anniversary.
  • For today only, Ultra Rapid Fire coins are on sale. Grab 'em while you can, because the next time they'll be on sale is when the booze wears off for long enough to remember we have these.
  • Warp Zone ticket drops will now be doubled until the end of the event. Farm more crates, spend more BP, Get crushed by inconsolable debt all for the sake of virtual items. What's not to like?
  • HUGE ASS FUCKING SALE featuring fuck knows how many items?
  • And we have a nice profile to purchase as well, again - only for today. Wave your micro-epenis about and tell others how cool you are for having a profile item on a homoerotic bengali streetshitting forum.

And yes, you can use these to abuse the ever living fuck out of the last few days of the ongoing event. Now shut up and give me your fucking money, I have fumos to buy. THE STRONGEST FUMO in particular. Pay no attention to the Steam Sale.

it's happening soon i swear

Things have been very hectic behind the scenes. I had planned on letting you know about "the news" but life is a massive bitch and I've been stuck dealing with no end of personal bullshit.

Don't want to go into any detail but I'll have something once I'm not doing hospital runs or buried under work.


Welcome to the Warp Zone

Sometimes, you just have to go back a bit to when things were a bit easier. Unfortunately for us, it was still just as insufferable as it was today.

Introducing the Warp Zone , an event that won't make you miss the past because sometimes the new thing is better. Shocker, I know.
Check it out at but be quick, as the event will end on the 17th of March at 23:59 UTC .

Now go away and have fun, a concept that's as foreign as files and folders to modern day phone and tablet users.

Keep your eyes out in the coming hours/days/weeks/whenever for a second announcement. It's important, I promise.

Planned Maintenance - 2024-02-14 to 2024-02-16

The following services will be unavailable between the dates of 2024-04-14 19:00 UTC to 2024-02-16 19:00 UTC:

  • Red Sun Loadout
  • Game Servers

This is for final preparation ahead of an event release.

Insert 1 coin to continue

Remember when things were fun? Listen, and insert a quarter. Believe hard enough and some fun will appear.


alcoholic ramblings over the year of 2023: schizophrenia edition

As I type this, I've just lost count of how deep I am into my annual booze trip and Top Gear marathon. Oh well.

If you log into the Red Sun website today (Dec 25 UTC time) you'll get one free crate redemption token. Use it, and open a free crate. Or don't. I forget if you can even trade them, that's how long it's been.

2023 was an uncertain year, and really not a year I'd be fond of repeating.
Yes, I did have free time. More than I needed, because of what I can only describe as in-house nepotism at my last job leading to a rather long draught of money and a rather large surplus of time.

I haven't had all that much time to actually play games, though. Job hunting, work itself, and various other miscellaneous stuff really does eat through time when you're doing stuff.

Red Sun had the Eggo-location event around easter time, back when I was off relaxing at insomnia70. Fun times. People hunted for eggs and redeemed for prizes. Turns out, that was quite well received and something I wanted to do again because it led to a much less stressful environment for everyone involved. It's something I want to do again because nice and easy. If it works of course...

I was also down in person at Hugs 2023 this year as technical support. Granted, I asked not to have my name included in the credits and kept well out of the way of cameras, but if you look hard in the pictures you'll see my desk with various views of the internal workings of the whole operation. Interesting, if you like that sort of thing. But most people don't, which is fine too.

The annual gather-up at insomnia71 this year I think was the largest one I've done so far, with over 40(?) people over two hotels done at nearly the last second, along with a free room upgrade to the best room in the hotel and a pretty good room party (minus the noise complaint and the hour or so I spent cleaning shit because the elevators were down. If you know, you know.)
Insomnia71 was also where I had the reins for No Bright Shadows, doing the logistics for their first game showcase.
While due to a severe case of being a broke-ass bitch I couldn't fly out to DreamHack Atlanta to help there, I am happy for them getting 3rd in Best Production there. Good job. Maybe I'll be less of a broke-ass bitch come next year? Who knows?

As for what's coming up:

  • I'm still working on the "project" as I'm calling it. I'm waiting for a video to go live from a certain person before announcing anything, as this is what's been agreed between all parties involved. Can't say anything before then.
  • Red Sun will be 9 years old in March 2024. That's... very strange to think about.
  • I'm going to start organising for insomnia73 in August of 2024 (hopefully). More info as that comes available, but ideally if you just want a small group, I might do something for insomnia72 in March (which I'm also going to.) Contact info at the bottom of this post for the zero (0) people interested.
  • who knows lmao, probably mikusch overthrows me completely and this becomes the cult of worshipping the germans or some shit i dunno lole

but anyway, throw me an email at [email protected] or say below if you want to add me on Steam because I keep my profile private. I'll try and add people and speak on this very rare occasion, but depends how far in I am to the stash.

but anyway
have a christmas
now I go back to my turbo alcoholic shitposting

real burnout hours (a quick update)

Evening all.

Still alive, still writing godawful bash scripts at work every day, and still dying from insomnia and high functioning alcoholism. Not dead yet, although a lot of you probably want me to be.

The project that I've been working on ideally should be announced around Christmas or New Year's, hopefully. Depends on when the news is ready to break.
I'm still also writing up the mandatory annual look-back post I tend to do that no one reads.

See ya.

please donate to the servers, if you go over the goal I have a surprise in store for the final week of December

a quick update, maybe

Hello everyone, sorry for lack of any news on updates, or anything really. Feel I should at least let people know I'm still around and not dead yet.

Life's been set to full maximum difficulty mode for me all of a sudden: surprise bills, massive projects at work, projects for Red Sun and being bedridden for a week and a bit all in a very short timeframe. It's enough to make you forget about everything and just focus on what's in front of you, and that's what happened. It is quite easy to forget about things when you're stuck in bed coughing your lungs up for over a week.

I'm alive, though. Fortunately or unfortunately. Sleep schedule still in the garbage. I have been working towards a very large project that, as of now, I still can't say anything about. Given everything goes well, you should hear more in the not too distant future.

For what it's worth, a close friend has filled me in on most of the stuff I've missed while I've been wageslaving non-stop and stuck in bed. It's hard to put my thoughts into words beyond this so I'll maybe come back to this once I'm back to normal.

The usual email is open at [email protected] if you have questions about anything or just want to say something nice. I do check that mailbox fairly regularly, so I will see your message if you choose to leave one.
Other than that I need to sleep, and take my time finding my footing again. I have a lot to do, so it'll be a while before I'm back to normal.

See ya.

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