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It's 2019 now (at least here)

it's officially the future™
oh, it sucks by the way


On a more serious note, please look forward to more regular communication in regards to updates.
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Super Zombie Fortress update for 25/12/2018

Forum thread is here:

The changes for version 2.3_rsx aka "Make SZF Great Again":

Added 4 new weapons

- Backburner (rare)
- Iron Bomber (uncommon)
- Tide Turner (common)
- Panic Attack (common)

- Nerf Health on kill from 50% to 33%
- Removed 40% less damage while health is above 50%
- Increase max ammo from 36 to 60
Scorch Shot
- Fix weapon being marked as rare (spawn chance is kept uncommon the whole time)
Pain Train
- Fix 10% damage taken penalty not being applied to weapon
Tribalman's Shiv
- Fix damage penalty reduced from 50% to 20% being applied to Bushwaka instead

- Scout's goo damage to survivors in capture area now have a max 4dmg per 0.5 sec
- Fix players able to keep his Demoman boots if equipped

- Overhaul morale gain from kill: Low morale gains more morale, and high morale gains less morale. Greater scale as there more zombies
- Morale decay rate now takes longer, but faster as there more zombies
- Remove 25 morale loss from survivor death
- Capture: Remove 50 morale bonus to all survivor, instead gains 25 morale to all survivors who in said capture.
- Frenzy: Instead of hard set to 0 morale, halfs the current morale subtract 15 more
- Tank: Reduce morale gain by killing tank from 60 to 35

- If player attempted to skip playing as zombie by joining spectator or leaving server, he will force play as zombie next time regardless
- Update requirement for zombies to get starting bonus: 15% of zombies out of active players
- Added 12 seconds cooldown into spawning same special infected, to prevent spam of same special infected spawning at once
- Update Tank health to use increased max health instead of overheal (similar to VSH boss health)
- Tank no longer uses frenzy fast respawn
- Remove chance into getting frenzy if many survivors already died
- If too many zombies instant respawn during frenzy, zombies get fast respawn instead of instant respawn
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2019 and beyond: Part deux, VSH stalemates & SZF reba...

I want to take a second announcement to go into a bit more depth about how we plan to solve the biggest issue people have with VS. Saxton Hale: the neverending stalemates. One of the weak points I've felt we've had at times is the Valve-tier communication outside of internal communities such as the Discord, and I'm going to attempt to change that starting with this followup to this announcement. (Please read it.)

It's no secret that one of the biggest issues a lot of people have with VS. Saxton Hale is that select classes can cause drawn out rounds, which becomes a snorefest.
Adding a simple round timer would be a simple fix, but still draw out those rounds to the maximum time limit. And frankly, it doesn't address the core problem of watching an eternal stalemate between 3 Scouts jumping all over the place, slowly chipping away at a boss with near-full health.

So, we came up with something that would be easy to understand, and based on other games' tiebreaker mechanics that would be easy to port over. The constantly shrinking blast zone from the Smash Bros. series was the go-to at first, which we've combined with ideas from the various battle royale games that have flooded the scene, which usually make use of a constantly shrinking gameplay area, which slowly damages over time.
We've expanded on those two core ideas and hopefully have something workable that will directly solve one of the mode's biggest complaints.

What we currently have is a mixture of a local round timer and a shrinking blast zone, where being within a set distance from the edge of the play area will cause instant death for non-boss players. (Think Smash Bros. stamina battles.) This local timer decreases during normal play and is topped up by certain events within the round, such as the boss killing players. Upon hitting zero, the play area begins to shrink at a steady rate with a visible perimiter closing in within a point (usually the Control Point, but we may change this later.) on the map. Events that add time to the local round timer within the game will suspend the shrinking of the play area, so as to encourage gameplay and not cause any more problems.
We're trying to stick to a Smash-esque "blast zone" solution with the insta-kills to keep things quick and speed up rounds, which should directly address the issue. A slow-kill zone more akin to battle royale games would drag rounds out, and could potentially be a lot more exploitable, which isn't what we want.

This also has the added bonus of dealing with griefers abusing the current control point mechanic
We're still working this out, so some of it (or all of it) might change.
tl;dr: game area gets smaller like smash bros to stop people dragging rounds out

As for Super Zombie Fortress, there's currently feedback going back and forth between a few people with internal changes on the development server, mostly to try and get a feel of how some suggested rebalances would work before committing them to the repository. It is still early days for the rebalance I've seen a few people call for, but it's probably for the better that it take place as change is appreciated now and again.

If there are suggestions or problems with the changes above, please feel free to leave a suggestion within the forums or email me directly at tohru[at] with your feedback.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go and hide away for the rest of the festive season, or until I have something more to post.
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2019 and beyond: A sole admin's thoughts

I was told that if I could get my thoughts out on screen, it would help. So I want to take the small time between now and the Christmas/New Year period to ramble on about what's been going on behind closed doors, and maybe rest a bit easier knowing that people will hate my guts only slightly less. Well, here goes.

First off, I want to say that the group of devs who have been working on the VSH rewrite we've had on Raiden for some maps have told me that aside from missing a few minor features (mostly just admin fuckery) and backporting the current VSH badges, it's ready to go. Content-wise, bosses could be added fairly easily, with the fresher backend system allowing for easier long-term maintenance (and less spaghetti code).
We've also worked out a fairly good system to prevent the dreaded long rounds within VSH from 3 scouts eternally dodging the boss, or a camping Engineer. This will replace the capture point as the current anti-camp method to prevent griefers from prematurely capturing the point, and we think it'll work well enough to prevent the main issues within VSH that cause it to be hated by some.

In addition, I have two other gamemodes ready for active rotation pending some minor changes. MicroTF2 is very much ready sans Loadout integration for some minor tools such as mapvoter and ban integration, and removal of some code which is redundant given our setup.
We also have a completely rewritten GunGame plugin which is ready to roll, also awaiting minor edits. (And possible badges if we feel it's needed.)

There's also a fair number of items possibly awaiting addition, such as new crate items, along with new unusual effects for the next crate series which I have in mind. As much as I want to get new items out that people would actually enjoy using, I don't have the resources to get anything done at the moment, for reasons I'll explain later.

The latest event we held, Blood Counter 2, was supposed to be an event for the summer of this year. There were a lot of delays, and I'm not proud of that. A lot of what we had planned never came to fruition for a multitude of reasons that I'm not even going to begin to go into because that would be a novel-sized post of its own.
We had hoped to release without any major issues. Of course, out of either bad luck or oversight (or a mixture of both), we released a buggy mess to the point it's become an in-joke. I feel bad that I had to spend days working with others to get it fixed up to a reasonly playable state, and you have my apologies for it.

At the same time, player numbers don't really look promising. With Valve being Valve (hahaa what updates????? LOCALISATION FILE AND RESKINNED CASE HAHAA) and people using fucking casual matchmaking (which is cancer) over community servers is only contributing to the dwindling playercounts. I'm currently looking at killing off some of the servers so we don't have to constantly keep too many servers online and updated. It could change if we had busier servers, but near-constant 0/32 is just the greatest way to discourage someone from ever running a server. Fuck you, Valve. Fix this shit.

At the same time, I still want to keep on going. I have so many ideas I want to try out with Red Sun, along with hosting a platform for some of the greatest custom gamemodes and other mods that the modders of Team Fortress 2 have to offer.

I apologise for this wall of text, but if you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me. If you can, play on the servers every now and again. It would mean a lot.
I don't know how long it will take until we get enough code and content together for another update, but we'll know as we go along.
There's only one way to go, and that's forward.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I'll go back into the hole I crawled out from.
- Tohru Adachi
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December Jukebox is live, with more to come

Forum thread:

I would have had this out sooner if I wasn't currently bedbound with a nasty stomach virus. As per usual, the rotation goes live on the next mapchange or reboot, whichever is first.

I'll be adding a select few more songs from both my collection and the suggestion thread (which, by the way has been reopened) to gradually create a nice bumper jukebox list, hopefully not for too long.

List is as follows for Dec 1/2:
  • A Hat in Time - Death Wish
  • A Hat in Time - Killing Two Birds
  • A Hat in Time - Rhythm Jump Studio Rift
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer - For Whom the Knell Tolls
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer - Vamplified
  • Eurogroove - Euronight
  • Gravity Rush 2 - Storm and Triumph (Suggestion from Matador)
  • Hideki Naganuma - AIN'T NOTHIN LIKE A FUNKY BEAT
  • Metal Slug 5 - Fierce Battle (Suggestion from ManeGunner6)
  • Niko - Night Of Fire (For Christmas Mix)
  • PAYDAY 2 - Death Row
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSP) - Knights of the Holy Spear
  • Persona 3 - Mass Destruction
  • Persona 3 Portable - Danger Zone
  • Persona 4 Arena - A Pure-Hearted Beast (Suggestion from lazybone95)
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV - Battle: B2 (Suggestion from Red/Ωmega)
  • Shovel Knight - Strike the Earth!
  • Sonic Mania - Blossom Haze (Suggestion from Chillediani)
  • Sonic Rush Adventure - Blizzard Peaks (Act 1&2 Mix)
  • Spark the Electric Jester - Special Boss (Suggestion from Alex Turtle)

...and to reiterate: The suggestion thread is open again[] for suggestions throughout the month because why the fuck not, I'm a lazy fuck who needs ideas to steal
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Hey everybody, we're extending Season of Screams 3 until November 30th due to some technical issues we had early on, so that everyone has a fair chance of getting the items they want from the event. Hope you all have fun, and if there are any bugs I'm not aware of please message me directly on Discord at Screwdriver#1776

P.S. Unlike last year, we're not extending it twice.
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