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Asset pack download updated

Just a quick reminder to say that the downloadable asset pack has been updated to mirror the contents of the servers as of today.
You can download it here:

now please stop bothering me about it or you will be forced to play dmc2 to completion
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Red Sun Awards 2019: now on twitch™
I have no idea why we're doing this, and somehow people are watching
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Jukebox rotation updated & Badge list readded

For those unaware/not in the discord:

The jukebox rotation has been updated - you can see a full list of the added songs here:
In addition, we've fixed a long standing issue with the badge listing page, and it is back up for viewing. You can find it on the main website navigation or at this link:

now please let me sleep i haven't slept in days ok bye
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Red Sun presents: Phoenix Rising

It's been a while, but the dead carcass that has been our lack of updates has finally been set alight, and the ashes are scattering to the wind.
...or that's just the fan ventilating the room where we set a bunch of trash on fire because we can't afford heating anymore.

Anyway! We have that mythical thing you lot call an update, and you can check out the specifics by clicking on this big long text thing.[]
Or you can just click this link if you're scared we're harvesting your data and organs for various nefarious purposes:

Anyway, we've kept it simple this time around. No need to make big fancy things, we're making small things but often, if you've been keeping an eye on our updates via the GitHub tracker. Or maybe you just don't care, in any case there's an expensive unusual in that fire we lit earlier and you need to dive in there headfirst and preferably covered in gasoline to get it. Don't question why.
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we're not dead I swear

I should really come up with better titles.

Apologies for the lack of any sort of big news, things have been quiet everywhere for a long while. If you've been listening on the right channels and to the right people though, you'll know we're almost ready to drop some form of update.
While I can't give an exact date, I do know that barring a few assets that we need it's almost ready to go live.

At least we're still updating. Somewhat.
Thanks for sticking with us.
And no, there is no "red sun 2". We're probably banned in China by now from all the shitposting.
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Staff applications reopened

It's real quiet when there's nothing to really say, eh?

Well, long story short I've decided to reopen the application forum[] if you're interested in helping out. Experience isn't necessary, but it does help.
I'll be closing applications once we have enough people on board, so if you're interested, send us a note sooner rather than later.

tl;dr staff apps open, you can apply here[] if you're interested.

Thanks for sticking about.
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