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ToS/Privacy Policy update for 06 June 2019

We've made some additions to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy effective as of this announcement.
You can find links to the updated documents below:
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Should you not agree to the changes made as of this announcement, you are free to discontinue your use of the service, or request account deletion.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Parkour Fortress: approaching open beta

Shameless plug time: the sub-community we gave Parkour Fortress development to ( is holding open betas - you can find more info on their group here:

For those who don't know what Parkour Fortress is - it's an old, abandoned mod, which can aptly be described as Mirror's Edge in Team Fortress 2. featured on the now dead Slag Gaming, created by Mecha the Slag aka MekuCube aka Jonas Kærlev, the same developer who went on to create one of the most loved 3D collect-a-thon platformers in recent years.

Sadly, the original mod was not open source, and has since been left to slowly fade from memory until picked up development of a modified recreation, being tuned for surf-esque competitive running.
It's far from finished, but give it a whirl. It's still in beta, so a lot of bugs are to be expected.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

New jukebox rotation (at last) & BomberMod now in rot...

Some might even call this productive.
Go read the threads. Use the fucking forums. IT'S A GOOD WEBSITE DAMNIT
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Remember Bombermod?

[I am a fucking idiot and can't use the preview tool]

Expect this to be released soon™ (or whenever I can get enough will to live)
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Update for 1/4/2019

Update: It turns out that those were not, in fact, lawyers. Those were Tencent agents sent to attempt to buy us out. Fortunately, one text-based EMP was enough to stop that.
Normal service has resumed, please enjoy the rest of your April Fools.

  • Due to licensing laws and the implementation of (sh)article 13, we have been forced to remove most copyrighted content
  • Non-GM servers are locked until this is resolved
  • Unlocked servers are currently only serving 24/7 dr_magicmissile for your convenience and ear rape pleasure

I am waiting to hear back from our lawyers to see if our licensing agreement was successful, until then please enjoy this licensed and allowed copyright content.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Potential connectivity issue for all servers

I've been informed that some users are unable to connect to any of our servers, or access our website at all.
If you're having trouble connecting, send me an email at with a traceroute to any of our servers as I'm currently sending information through to our host regarding this issue.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi