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Season of Screams III: The Blood Trials

Would Halloween be any better if we had a soul-crippling debt to one of the various worldwide mafia groups? Probably not, because the wizards here are competent (we think).

From Oct 31 to Nov 22, you can waste away your precious* life, grinding away for useless digital meme items. That's over 3 weeks of complaining about the shitty map choices, gamemodes, players, and anything else you can think up with your shrivelled cluster of brain cells fun and more than enough time to throw your entire life savings at the miniscule chance of potentially winning your own one-man cheeseburger apocalypse!**

If you want to be in with a chance of some pill-grabbing fun, head over to the update page, conveniently located at to get started. Don't take too long, though. It only lasts for a few weeks before it'll mysteriously vanish (actually the flatpack stage we rented gets disassembled. Budget costs, you can't have it good all the time.)

Oh, and keep an eye out for more announcements over the coming days, we're looking to keep you entertained after all. New features, items and maybe some returning ones too. Anything to help pry you from your hold, hard cash. Please give us the damn money or the Canadian Mafia is going to fuck us

*Subject to valuation by one of our totally-legitimate looking contractors. We bear no responsibility if you are bound to a heretical demon after valuation.

**May contain digital asbestos.

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Minor update for October 27, 2018

in which I remember the correct formatting for dates so people don't get confused:

pray to the heavens this is done in a timely manner
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Good and Bad News

No forum thread for this one because it's rather important, or rather because it doesn't need one.

We're within a week of Hallowe'en, with Valve having launched the (very lacking) obligatory Scream Fortress update, it's usually about time to launch our own. However, there's been a lot of discord (pun not intended) within the team as of late as a sort of follow-up to the fuckfest of September (which managed to cancel our summer event) as if it wasn't enough of a "fuck you" from the heavens.

Which brings me to the meat of this post.
There's good news and bad news I have for you: The good news is that the vast majority of work for our event/update is already done and ready for deployment. Server-side code, assets from our talented asset man RatX and most of the items on offer are already ready for use (as far as I know).

The bad news is that we've got no-one to design (or really work on) the webpage end of things, since the event webpage design used to be handled by someone else who is now working elsewhere, we've been on an increasing uphill struggle.

I really don't like asking outside of my staff for these sorts of things, but if you're reading this and you've got some knowledge in webpage design, please get in contact with me. (Side note, PHP knowledge is a bonus. Yes, we're insane for using it. Good choices were never my forté.)

If you're interested, Send me a friend request over Steam (and leave a comment saying it's for this, too. I ain't psychic, but I wish I was) along with some examples of work and I'm prepared to negotiate payment for helping out. (Yes, real dollars/euros/pounds/yen/vietnamese dongs. Or TF2 items, whatever suits you.)

In a perfect world, I wouldn't have to write such an announcement making me look like an incompetent fuckwad. Sadly, this isn't a perfect world and I've got to, anyway. Maybe next time.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy Scream Fortress, even if I don't. I'm taking a break from the game for my own sake, and once I get this hallowe'en event put to rest I can enjoy my break fully.

Your admin,
Tohru Adachi
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This is why we can't have nice things

Originally posted by NFOServers Events System:
Re: DDoS attacks from Amazon
Oct 06 2018 08:27:48 AM PT

Amazon (and to a lesser extent, Microsoft and Google) is still experiencing a major problem with abuse and its services have been used to generate extremely large attacks against NFO IP addresses at your location at times recently, including several times this morning specifically. We expect for these attacks to continue through the weekend. Until the target IP address is null-routed as an emergency stopgap measure, these attacks can cause short periods of packet loss and/or high latency for clients whose ISPs take certain paths to reach our services at your location.

We have been reporting every source IP to their ISPs and we are continuing to work to escalate this with the other parties. We have seen many traffic sources taken down, but new ones are frequently being brought online -- and every cloud service IP address can generate at least a full gigabit per second of attack traffic, so even just a few dozen attacking hosts can cause serious impact. A lot of bumps in the road lately have been because of the dipshits pulling this, and it's safe to assume it's not just us at this point who's affected.
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A quick (but not so quick) check-in

forum thread because it's obligatory at this point:

It's been a while since I've written an announcement here, huh? At least a couple of months have gone by without so much as a single word as to what's going on behind the scenes. There is a reason for that, and that's been to do with drama, shitflinging and other trite that has wreaked havoc on a lot of people's lives (myself included) to various degrees, to the point where it's impacted our work.

As a result, a few of us (again, including myself here) have felt more burnt out than usual to the point where we've just been unable to work on anything related to or Team Fortress 2 in general.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been more distant than usual over the last couple of months (including with a few close friends, you know who you are) spending my time sorting the remnants of various shitstorms out along with various other personal fuckfests, meaning I've had to (shockingly) put other things before my ability to shitpost in a small corner of the internet. What a twist.

Regardless, things are still coming along if you're not in the loop, just so you know. They just might be a bit slower than usual, is all.
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