Animal control has been called - normality has returned

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Well, that's going to cost a fair bit in exterminator fees...

Well, that's all out the way. I'm back on my daily dose of copious alcohol and now don't have my stash of booze held at ransom anymore. Who knew the good doctor had so many skillsets?
Anyhow, that's it for this year. Back to some form of normality lest I receive a phone call with a sum of money and an offer I'm legally not allowed to refuse.

the suffering will return lest you appease with offerings

Improvements for 2023-04-01

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A few nights ago I was reading through our analytics for the website, and found some very interesting data. It turns out that we get a lot of traffic from links on... certain websites . Said websites have people of a specific "variety", so to put it. A lot of interest in animals, if I were to be vaguely specific. Quite a lot.
It also turns out they tend to have very poor financial control , and I am in deep need of another alcohol storage cellar.
Put two and two together and you've got the new and improved Red Sun Experience™ - more tailored to our audience than ever before. Changes are listed below for your convenience:

  • Improved website readability
  • Avatars are now replaced with appropriate images for our new audience
  • Improved chat experience ingame
Now if you excuse me, I have a... doctor's appointment to attend. Yeah. Need to get the prescription for uhhh... a dose. A daily dose, if you will.

you will enjoy the suffering while i figure out how to unfuck this

8 years of this and somehow it's STILL FUCKING GOING

I made a bet with myself about 5 or so years ago that I'd either be dead, insane, or snorting dangerously old mould off the kitchen ceiling if I kept running this place. It turns out the last two were true because I made the disastrous decision to work in IT and now suffer from highly functional alcoholism. (Yes, highly functional. It's amazing how much you get done at the top of the Ballmer peak.)
Let's just say I don't own a printer anymore. Not since I remembered I owned a working chainsaw.

So there's the usual; sign in today, get a shiny badge. (Batch is timed to UTC, gotta sign in before the 15th or you're shit outta luck.) Your e-schlong grows by one pixel. But I'm gonna take up some character space here to go over a few things that have happened in the last year, because fuck you, this is my blogpost:

Since my last post of this nature, we've had a fresh new site installed. Less PHP vomit to go horribly wrong, along with a migration to a strong dedicated web server. Unfortunately, a being of the french kind was involved. Disgusting, I know. But give him some praise, he has to work with PHP on a professional level. In some countries you can qualify under disability criteria for that, and still make good money.

We also had our first big event in a long time, too. Swashbuckler Skirmish , our first totally-not-steam sales event, fully equipped with 4 teams full of Celsius room temperature individuals. Instead, we had 3 teams (one of which sponsored by your greatest ally, the Red Sun Central Bank™) and one mega-team trying to see how much their collective e-schlongs could farm meaningless internet points.
During that event, we debuted the first new type of item in a long time: profile themes, another Steam ripoff that let you customise how your profile looks on the Loadout.

We've also been involved in the usual cross-community charity works too. You've probably seen our branding pop up on the Blap Bash 2022 streams alongside deploying some decent servers for the robots whenever they've had an event on (or hosted on behalf of someone) - chances are if you've played one of the big MvM events of the year, you've inadvertently played on Red Sun hardware. Fun fact, eh?

And for those that know me beyond the schizo drunkard that appears every second quarter-half moon, but only on Thursdays if the tides are low, I've been working on various technical improvements to improve the site's FastDL and content stores.
There's the vastly-unused forum attachments that are supported over cloud storage now, allowing for very fast downloads. Very cool. Very nice. Very underused.
And there's a bunch of other boring shit that no-one cares about because all the peanut brains want to care about is the shiny new vscript rehash being shat all over the Workshop. Ask if you care about technical garbage, it's interesting if it's your thing.

But enough with that, here's some fun but uninteresting numbers for you to do absolutely nothing with:

8 years of Red Sun in some off-the-cuff numbers:

  • 29,356 unique user accounts
  • 2,873,809 Battle Points across all accounts
  • 227,198 total badges earned
  • 259,743 items across all accounts
  • 34,434 forum posts
  • 3,687 forum threads
  • 6,238 account bans
  • 1,545 forum accounts
  • 1,350 unique donations
  • 23 various moderators and developers (they do it all FOR FREE)
  • 2 active administrators
  • 0 intrusive advertisements
  • 0 payment subscriptions
  • 0 unfair pay-to win mechanics

I'm going to be stuck here until someone mercy kills me anyway, so let's keep going. Nothing bad could possibly happen, right?

As of this post, I've also made Crate #8 purchasable until the 17th of March 23:59 UTC at 200 BP per crate as a special one-time offer. Too bad, no URF coins for you.

Now piss off, I'm working on Absolutely Fucking Nothing™ . That's right, Absolutely Fucking Nothing™ . What is Absolutely Fucking Nothing™ ? You'll know when the time's right, but right now I'm not working on it, I'm downing enough paint thinner to fuel a lawnmower.

See you next year. Or never.

Item Drops and Rate update for 2023-01-14

Loadout has been updated to have past event items available in drop pool, assist kills awarding BP and items, along with quite a few fixes.

Full changes can be found in this forum thread:

PSA: Looking for (2D/3D) artists

It's not even a week into the far flung year of 2023 and already we are looking to go even further with this year's events by getting fancy graphics done to soothe your eyeballs.
However, no-one (that we know of) has any artistic ability, unfortunately. Not unless you count the ear-grinding babbling in the in-game chat as a form of art, of course.

In short:
We're looking for 2D and/or 3D artists (SFM, Blender etc) on either a volunteer or paid basis.

Contact [email protected] for more information. Enquiries over email only - this is to ensure a paper trail should anything go ahead.

Have a christmas. Or don't. Your choice.

It's now the time of year where annoying festive music is at the peak of incessant spam along with a small, very puntable animeblob adding to the suffering (or joy) of many in the western netisphere.
If you're not familiar with the new form of torture, imagine working in retail or anywhere with a PA system blaring out the same festive-themed songs over, and over, and over again. On loop, often for many months before even entering December. Optionally, said audial assualts may be compressed, tinny de-makes of decades-old songs-turned-PTSD triggers. Many consider this to be a form of torture under the Geneva Convention, and they're not fucking wrong .
Elsewhere there's many people who are actually happy to celebrate this time of year, mainly as they aren't subjected to said torture. If only they knew.

Now then, I'd normally consider this a hellish period of the calendar, but it is a damn good excuse to get cheap booze to numb the pain a bit, so I let it slide (mostly). Save for anyone blaring that garbage a second into the 26th. You know who you are .

However, If you, like me, want cheap (or free) useless garbage minus the frivolous trimmings usually associated with the season, you can log into the Loadout any time on the 25th of December , between 00:00 and 23:59 UTC .

In addition, we've beefed up the daily sales for the final week of December, with a grand total of 30 items going on sale each day, guaranteed to be anywhere between 30-50% off.

I have several types of liquor to consume now, and a large collection of old Top Gear episodes to get through. Disturb me at your peril.

6 days until the event ends, but now with a twist

There are now exactly 6 days left until Swashbuckler Skirmish ends on December 4th 22:00 UTC.

Since the event is nearing a conclusion with a potential clear winner, things are being spiced up: Team rank, total doubloons earned, and percentage rates are now no longer visible for anyone to see for the rest of the event. This means that no one will know which team is winning until when the event ends.

Your personal doubloon total is also no longer visible over 2,000 doubloons. Accurate totals will still show under 2,000 to allow you to gauge your distance for the items on the meter.

Now since no one knows who's winning or losing, what happens to the Doubloon Team Blocker Coin ? This coin can now be used regardless of place, but think twice before flipping - you won't know if it's working.

When the event ends on December 4th 22:00 UTC, winners will be automatically announced on the webpage at , and in-game on the game servers.

Swashbuckler Skirmish: A Red Sun Event - 4th Nov - 4th Dec

Forum thread here:

It has been god knows how fucking long since there has been an event. This announcement aims to correct that by providing the 10 people that care with content. And items, too. But mostly the vague idea of "content" because that's all people really care about now.

You want another Blood Counter? Maybe you'll get what you want. We're unoriginal as hell, but only to an extent. Even some schmucks like us come up with something that's only mostly ripped off once in a while.

I didn't say if it would be a good event, though. That's for you to figure out. (and/or bitch about on your uzbekistan tap dancing forum of choice.)

Check out the event here:
Be aware though, the clock is counting down and the results will be announced on the 4th of December, 22:00 UTC. Maybe you'll win? Or maybe you'll place dead last and be the butt of the joke for however many days to come. Probably the latter.

Website and Server downtime

All game servers and the Loadout website will be taken offline for a period of 24 hours starting 19:00 UTC on 2022-11-03.
This is to allow us to make final changes and tests for the upcoming community event.

The forums will still be accessible during this time.

Stock maps now in Gamemode Madness rotation

That's right, due to high demand we are now running Stock maps in our Gamemode Madness servers.

Every single non-event stock map has been added into active rotation under the "Stock Classic" gamemode. Prepare for some good ol' TF2 in-between all of the wacky action.

But that is not all, because on every Stock map, we are running bakugo's Weapon Reverts plugin. This means that you can play with all of your favorite weapon combos from days long past once again.
Visit the link above or use the !reverts command in-game to learn more.


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