Loadout Update - February 18th, 2018

Forum Thread

Please remember that our Merchandise store is coming out early March! We hope you will check it out when it is live.

  • Added noindex modifier and custom page description to the 404 page for embeds.
  • 404 page now uses the "new style", as introduced in a post Loadout update.
  • Merged live Notice, BP and Level retrieval into one call and added forum-related data in that call.
  • Fix a bug where trying to log into Steam from the shop would take a very long time.
  • If you have a forum account, it will be visible on the side navigation bar along with a visual inbox / alert counter, if you have any.
  • Comments from your forum profile page now show up on your player profile as well.
  • On the equip page, when equipping an item all the available items are now sorted by title and quality instead of just quality by random.
  • Adjusted profile embed text specifically to "whom" and "an",
  • Removed Snow Sniffer 2017 reward logic from the website, you can no longer obtain them.
  • Removed Dodgeball Cup reward logic from the website, you can no longer obtain them.
  • Changed data fetch delay to 6.1 sec.
  • Fixed a bug where data fetch would sometimes returns "null" instead of 0 with BP and Levels.
  • Data fetch now respects number formatting.
  • Crafting coins no longer count towards any stats.
  • Implemented a hotfix for collector recipes.
  • On the home page, removed the "'s from the Recent Forum Post's message text.
  • On the home page, Recent Forum Post's message text now respects new lines in messages.
  • On player profiles, badge image sizes are now the same as the item's image sizes.
  • Tried to address forum avatars not getting purged from the CDN as often as desired.
  • Dodgeball cup page is no longer accessible.
  • Added server manager icon for the MOTD page.
  • Fixed a bug that if a player had no featured badge selected or by fallback it would return an error.
  • On player profiles, djusted Forum Profile panel, forced image to the right.
  • Decreased chance to find the "Lucky Badge".
  • Added minimal Twitch API integration for a future update.
  • Added Merch Store assets and advertisements.
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Valentine's Day Sale: Everything 20-30% (25%) off

Forum Thread

Some of you must be feeling quite lonely,

but that should end now!

Introducing the Valentine's Day Sale, literally every item you can buy in our shop is ~25 percent off today. (could also be 20 or 30 percent, but let's take 25 for a smooth number)-- obviously this lasts until today my time, so let's say ~10 hours of fortune and lovely sale will be ahead after this announcement.

Yeah, every single item, now go find that true love in our shop since we know you love some of our items so much as you love your french girls, tender and sweet with a nice accent.
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A few forum changes

Hey everyone,

In order to further attempt to spruce up forum activity, I've added a new category, called Super Speedy Threads[forum.redsun.tf]. Guests can view the content of threads here, in order to encourage posting.

The new section is for off-topic posts that still carry a train of discussion (basically, threads not about Red Sun that also aren't shitposts.) while not being spammy shitposts.

As for Fast Chat, it's been renamed to "Shitposting Wasteland" in order to better reflect the content within that subforum.

As per usual, feedback appreciated yadda yadda yadda you are all fagettolinis
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Loadout Update - February 11th, 2018

Forum Thread

  • Reduced height of the user view element in the side navigation.
  • Heavily optimized specific calls as to award badges or items inside the Loadout through specific events and conditions.
  • Smash Fortress items are no longer awarded on the Loadout and the items have their descriptions updated to reflect this as well.
  • On the Badge List page, decrease image size of the badges.
  • On the Shop page, increased maximum amount of items one can bulk buy to 100 items.
  • On the Profile page, cached views are now saved for 3 hours instead of 6 hours.
  • Notifications are now retrieved on the go, displaying them during browsing if you receive one.
  • Badges are now being synced to the servers inside a json, just like our items and other things.
  • On the Equip page, revamped the "style" of the equip slots.
  • On the Equip page, addressed an inconsistency on equip slots related to the <img> element.
  • On the Home page, increased amount of forum posts displayed from 5 to 6.
  • When equipping items, if you are in-game on one of our Team Fortress 2 servers your inventory will be automatically refreshed.
    • In a later update, we will add badge messages, as a second "update" to the very new rcon integration.
  • Staff bans applied through their web panel now also instantly apply in-game.
  • Cart is now completely removed from code, any single mention of it, gone, sad reacts.
  • Fixed a bug where Snow Sniffer profile effect did not work on your own profile if you have the Puzzle Box.
    • In a later update, we will add a way to toggle the effect on or off.
  • Notices now have a visibility duration of 5.5 seconds, from 4.2 seconds.
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Discord integration is up


(You still need a linked steam account on registering. Don't get any funny ideas.)
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Introducing: the revamped forums

As of this announcement, I've re-opened the forums. Take a pop in and see what's new.

• Coloured usernames for donators
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Donators can pick from a list of pre-defined colours (that don't cause insane eyerape) to wave their e-penises (or e-penii, if you think about it) about even more.

• Animated avatars for all users
Since the major upgrade deprecated some addons which controlled permissions for certain aspects of the site, I just decided "eh, fuck it. let 'em all have animated avatars". Please note that it can take a while for the CDN to process and display your updated avatar if you decide to change it.

• Discord login integration
The option is there on our back-end controls, but until we get some ends tied up, we'll be starting to roll out the option to associate your Discord account to login to the forums. Neat.

• Self-serve username change
Because we all regret picking a shit username and having to DM someone to change it. Within your user controls,[forum.redsun.tf] you will be able to change your username (subject to cooldown). Additionally, on your user profile, your username change history will be visible. (You can change visibility of this within your privacy settings,[forum.redsun.tf] too. No one will know that awful nickname.)

There's some other stuff that I should probably mention, but it'd be too tiring to type up something remotely funny.
Now go visit the damn forums.

Shitpost away at https://forum.redsun.tf/
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