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PSA: Why you can't connect to the servers

To keep it short, the latest TF2 update causes Steam to think that some of our servers are unreachable or do not exist.
This affects both Raiden and Armstrong.

As a result, you will not be able to:
  • Discover the servers on the server browser
  • Connect to the servers using the server browser
  • Connect to the servers using steam:// links

You can, however, connect to the servers using the in-game developer console.
Enter these commands to bypass Steam and connect to the servers directly.

We are actively working to resolve this issue. You can stop asking now.
View on Steam Posted by Mikusch

RESOLVED - NVMe drive failure on NY servers

Update @ 23:59 UTC: Services have been restored, although individual gameservers are being checked over before being brought online to recieve updates.

Update @ 22:58 UTC: Disk checks have completed, however the machine is unable to establish an outside connection. This is being rectified.

Update @ 21:30 UTC: The machine has had its drive replaced and is working as expected. I am waiting for the machine to be re-networked.

Update @ 19:55 UTC: The drive has been cloned and replaced a few hours ago and automated checks are currently underway to ensure file system integrity.

At approximately 12:30 UTC, the NVMe drive on our dedicated machine in NYC started to throw I/O errors and cause services to freeze or outright fail.

Disk health was checked by the NOC from our hosting provider today at 13:43 UTC. Multiple attempts to repair the drive using disk utilities within the OS and from a rescue drive failed.

At 15:28 UTC, the drive has been detatched from the machine and has been sent off to be cloned and the NVMe drive on the server has been replaced and will be imaged to allow normal service resumption.

As a result, the following services are unavailable:
• US Gamemode Madness -
• US #1 -
• US DEV -

I apologise for the inconvenience.

View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

The Overnight Server Move™

I have had a questionable amount of alcohol as I write this. You may wish to disregard the more questionable parts.

I've gone ahead and started moving the servers over (starting with the EU and US GM servers) to fully dedicated hardware with big beefy hardware specs, very strong, very good, very dickflexing.
For reference, Raiden (EU) can now be reached on or , however you might not be able to connect at first because iptables being iptables and because various propagations (favourites, firewall rules, etc etc go ask your mom)
yes this means Random Lag Spikes Of Skill And Fairness should be a thing of the past, hopefully.
USGM works mostly fine aside from some strange bugs which I am in the process of working out with more alcohol and a healthy variety of "tasteful" language.

Just leave me alone so I can continue drinking.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Website & EU services offline

Edit: shit's back up yo, back to not worrying.

The website, forums and EU servers are all offline due to a billing systems issue. I'm attempting to follow up with our provider on this.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Website/Database downtime

All services are back online.

Edit: Seems as though this has been completed, forums and website are now locked to ensure that there are no further issues.

The Loadout, Forums (and databases) are expected to be offline for the next 6 hours as they are moved to a new machine following the previous downtime due to disk instability.
We didn't have any concrete time for this happening so there was no concrete method of warning you all in advance.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

April... fools?

What would I say if I told you that Red Sun managed to grab a spot on sponsoring a fairly large charity event - one that got promoted on the official Team Fortress blog? That'd be a pretty cool April Fools, right? Right?

It's not an april fool.

Head over to and you'll see for yourself.
Go play some joke tours, and raise some money to help Doctors Without Borders in the current effort against the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 virus.
Now if you excuse me, I am going back into hibernation because I don't have enough ideas for a funny and witty announcement post. Go ask Mikusch for one.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi