Janitorial pay has doubled (i.e. moderator positions are available)

Forum thread: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/janitorial-pay-has-doubled-i-e-moderator-positions-are-available.4293/

...to the extremely high value of zero dollars and zero cents.

Do you want to partake in this extremely high paycheck as well?
Do you want to CLEAN IT UP, JANNY ?
Do you enjoy consuming Hot Pockets (or other janny-preferred foods)?

If so, you might be interested in CLEANING IT UP and having your very own delusions of grandeur in a decades old videogame community.

Apply here: https://forum.redsun.tf/forums/staff-applications.19/

Asset pack updated (again)

Old asset pack has some outdated stuff that doesn't look too nice in some gamemodes. I've since updated this since we've also moved over to a newer fast download system.

Click here to download the new asset pack and extract it into your /tf/downloads/ folder.
Maps are not included because that would make this download a lot larger.
Go away now.

Additional market listings for donators

Have you ever wished for more than 30 market listings? Well, you’re in luck!

Donators now have access to additional slots on the item market . For every 2 donator levels, you’ll receive 1 extra slot that can be used for either a classified listing or a buy order.

To see your maximum listings, head over to the donation page at: https://redsun.tf/donations

Upcoming changes to donator coin boosts

Edit: These changes are now live

Forum thread: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/upcoming-changes-to-donator-coin-boosts.4283/

Coins that affect gameplay have been a contentious topic for several years. Many players believe that these coins detract from the gameplay experience and while this is partially intentional, an increasing number of players have expressed concerns about the impact of donator boosts on the use of these coins.

In response to these concerns, we will be making two changes to how donator boosts affect gameplay coins:

  • Capping the donator coin duration boost at 200%
  • Removing the chance for coins to be refunded upon use

This will only affect Bounce Coins, Space Coins, Inverted Space Coins, Earthquake Coins, and Silence Coins. Coins not listed here are not deemed disruptive enough to gameplay and will remain unchanged for now.

These changes are planned to go live on the 17th of August 2023 . Please leave any feedback or concerns in the linked forum thread.

Changes to donation rates

This change is now live.


Forum thread here: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/changes-to-donation-rates.4236/

From the 1st of June 2023 onwards, we are making changes to the donation system. This is not something I've wanted to do, but with how economically shit things are my hands are being forced so we have enough to keep our costs covered for the year.

Existing donators will see no change to their levels, rewards or current held Battle Points.

I'd like to reiterate that no-one is under any pressure or obligation to donate at all. I'll pay the bills myself if I need to, but chipping in does help.

Changes as of 2023-06-01:

  • BP earned per £1 GBP donated: decreasing from 60 BP to 40 BP
  • Donator Level cost: Increasing from £2.00 GBP to £2.50 GBP per level (ie. it will now cost a minimum of £2.50 GBP for 1 donator level.)
  • Crate Redemption tokens will now drop every £5.00 GBP instead of every £4.00 GBP.
  • The minimum allowed donation is now £2.50 GBP instead of £2.00 GBP .
These are not changes I've wanted to do. I feel like I'm ripping people off by making these changes to what have been long established rates.
We still take the cost of currency conversion and card handling from Stripe in this case, and we use median rates that should be more lenient towards people instead of nickel and diming every prospective supporter.

Feedback can be left on the forum post (or here, but who the fuck reads steam comments?)

Introducing the Item Market

About two years ago, the Red Sun economy underwent a modernization process with the introduction of trading and classifieds in our big Loadout 5.0 update.
We are now ready to take these innovations to the next level with our newest addition to the website, the Item Market .

Alongside the familiar classifieds, you will now find the option to create buy orders for items. This means that you can now easily place an order for an item and it will be automatically fulfilled when someone creates a matching listing.

This is totally not a ripoff of the Steam Market. We swear.

Check out the Item Market here: https://redsun.tf/trading/market/

Eggolocation - A Red Sun Easter Event from 04-07 to 04-30

Forum thread: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/eggolocation-a-red-sun-easter-event-04-07-to-04-30.4130/

(this post written by wo - I haven't done shit lmao)

Over the years, we've occasionally experimented with making you people feast upon each other individually. Last year, we tried segregating you in groups, so you could do the same thing -- but with friends. So we thought, how about making everyone work together towards a common goal for once?

Go out of your way to collectively... collect... easter eggs, and trade them up, through the crafting menu or between yourselves, for prizes! Don't worry about your personal performance, as everyone in the server gets rewarded (more or less) equally.

Keep in mind that this is a smaller event (one would even say it's a holiday-sized event), so it will run through a shorter time than usual. Eggolocation ends on the 1st of May, 2023, 00:00 UTC .

Planned Maintenance - 2023-04-07

The following services will be unavailable on 2023-04-07 between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00 UTC:

  • Red Sun Loadout
  • Game Servers
This is for final preparation ahead of an event release.

Animal control has been called - normality has returned

Forum thread: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/animal-control-has-been-called-back-to-normality.4125/

Well, that's going to cost a fair bit in exterminator fees...

Well, that's all out the way. I'm back on my daily dose of copious alcohol and now don't have my stash of booze held at ransom anymore. Who knew the good doctor had so many skillsets?
Anyhow, that's it for this year. Back to some form of normality lest I receive a phone call with a sum of money and an offer I'm legally not allowed to refuse.

the suffering will return lest you appease with offerings

Improvements for 2023-04-01

Forum thread: https://forum.redsun.tf/threads/improvements-for-2023-04-01.4123/

A few nights ago I was reading through our analytics for the website, and found some very interesting data. It turns out that we get a lot of traffic from links on... certain websites . Said websites have people of a specific "variety", so to put it. A lot of interest in animals, if I were to be vaguely specific. Quite a lot.
It also turns out they tend to have very poor financial control , and I am in deep need of another alcohol storage cellar.
Put two and two together and you've got the new and improved Red Sun Experience™ - more tailored to our audience than ever before. Changes are listed below for your convenience:

  • Improved website readability
  • Avatars are now replaced with appropriate images for our new audience
  • Improved chat experience ingame
Now if you excuse me, I have a... doctor's appointment to attend. Yeah. Need to get the prescription for uhhh... a dose. A daily dose, if you will.

you will enjoy the suffering while i figure out how to unfuck this

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