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So, Red Sun is 5 today - & the admin's thoughts for 2...

I usually type one of these up before the new year, but beggars can't be choosers.

As of writing, Red Sun has been in existence for five whole years. If you log into the loadout today, you'll get your very own 5 year badge as well as a small BP top-up. It's modest but if life wasn't so demanding I'd have a lot more to put out.

2019 was a rough year - but it was also one of the better ones at the same time. I cut down on Steam announcements, so it feels like I failed in my promise of more communication, but at the same time our dev team have been talkative and open about what's been going on behind the curtain, to the point where we've open sourced a few of our popular modes for all to use.

Personally It's been rough, dragging myself back into the grind of 16 hour days and non-stop studying for a useless meme degree, but at the same time I got the chance to go to Insomnia65 and meet up with some of the competitive world of Team Fortress 2, as a server admin no less. It was hard, but fun, and I also met some of you from here, too. I hope to see more of you at Insomnia67 for the next big TF2 LAN event as well. (as of writing, i66 was cancelled, so the shitposting has had to wait for a while.)

So what's on the horizon for 2020? Well, I'm at work designing and creating the next update for the servers along with the dev team, hopefully so we don't have a repeat of 2019 where we had no updates for a full year (instead we had smaller changelogs for individual gamemodes, which I don't think are as appealing - let me know if you think I'm wrong), so I'm going to try and kick things back into gear, and get the fun times back.

Let's keep going, and have some fun. Come drop by for a while and enjoy the salt mines.

Tohru Adachi
Founder/Administrator of Red Sun over Paradise
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Blood Counter 2 items now on general sale

The event items previously only obtainable from the 2018 event have now been put on general sale. Items earned during the event period are now marked as Genuine quality.

now please give me money
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Asset pack download updated

Just a quick reminder to say that the downloadable asset pack has been updated to mirror the contents of the servers as of today.
You can download it here:

now please stop bothering me about it or you will be forced to play dmc2 to completion
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Red Sun Awards 2019: now on twitch™
I have no idea why we're doing this, and somehow people are watching
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Jukebox rotation updated & Badge list readded

For those unaware/not in the discord:

The jukebox rotation has been updated - you can see a full list of the added songs here:
In addition, we've fixed a long standing issue with the badge listing page, and it is back up for viewing. You can find it on the main website navigation or at this link:

now please let me sleep i haven't slept in days ok bye
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Red Sun presents: Phoenix Rising

It's been a while, but the dead carcass that has been our lack of updates has finally been set alight, and the ashes are scattering to the wind.
...or that's just the fan ventilating the room where we set a bunch of trash on fire because we can't afford heating anymore.

Anyway! We have that mythical thing you lot call an update, and you can check out the specifics by clicking on this big long text thing.[]
Or you can just click this link if you're scared we're harvesting your data and organs for various nefarious purposes:

Anyway, we've kept it simple this time around. No need to make big fancy things, we're making small things but often, if you've been keeping an eye on our updates via the GitHub tracker. Or maybe you just don't care, in any case there's an expensive unusual in that fire we lit earlier and you need to dive in there headfirst and preferably covered in gasoline to get it. Don't question why.
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