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Cool New Vanilla Server

Hello, Recently ex-moderator Rabscootle has started a 24/7 Vanilla maps server in the US, and you’re all invited to come check it out.

The server is located in US-Central, and runs 100% Vanilla maps (with exceptions to events) along with No Random Crits or Bullet Spread.

You can join the server at and the steam group here:
We hope to see you there!
View on Steam Posted by GeeNoVoid

Gameservers are back online

As valve have released this twitter post specifically pertaining to Team Fortress 2, I've decided to re-enable the main gameservers. You should see them reappear on your favourites lists shortly.

Thanks for sticking with us.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Our plan of action in regards to the recent source code l...

Given that everything and everyone is in a state of hysteria right now (and no one is immune), I've gone ahead and set out a plan of action for the state of the gameservers.

As of right now, I am keeping the gameservers offline as the ability to get any form of concrete news is next to nil as any and all channels to get anything solid are metaphorically on fire. After 24 hours (or if Valve posts an announcement), if nothing concrete is reported or found, I will be reopening the gameservers on caution - if there is a confirmed proof of concept any time after this, the gameservers will be shutdown again until a patch is then issued.

Also in relevant news, we got mentioned on PCGamesN so we famous now boys[] (lmao calling this backwater trash heap "popular")

In short:
  • Keep your AV up to date and run scans regularly
  • Only play with people you trust on servers you trust
  • If you aren't sure if a game or program is safe to run, don't run it - stay safe.

I'll follow up with another announcement on unrelated issues once we have this all out of the road.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

All gameservers offline until further notice


Due to the recent code leaks for both CS:GO and TF2, I have decided to keep all servers offline until a patch is released for potential bugs. (I seriously cannot fucking type anything coherent today)

I will be available within the Steam Group chat if you have questions as Discord's staff are sniffing glue and have booted my account without good reason. I'll have an announcement on this later.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

Regarding the current state of casual aka crapsual

I've been approached by a few regulars who have wanted a server or two spun up to play vanilla/workshop maps only, with no extra stuff added in - just pure vanilla gameplay.

The problem here for me as a server operator is keeping those server(s) filled. People asking for a vanilla server then never playing on it as they continue to play crapsual in the hopes of finding a game. It's the equivalent of having someone shit on your sandwich, asking for a new one, then eating the shit sandwich regardless.
It's honestly infuriating.

However, I'm ranting. The point here is that I want your feedback.
Are you willing to play on Red Sun hosted vanilla servers? No custom content, no custom sounds, no custom anything. Just vanilla maps and the core ban/chat system.

There's a couple of ways to leave your feedback:
You can leave a post on the forums:
(registering is simple, just sign in with steam)


You can email me directly at tohru [at] redsun [dot] tf (replace the square brackets and remove spaces, antispam protection). I will reply if I've got time.

I'd provide an anonymous feedback option, but last time that happened people just abused it. (What did I expect, civility?)

To reiterate:

Thank you for your time. Please give feedback. Or just shitpost. I'm not your mom.
View on Steam Posted by Tohru Adachi

So, Red Sun is 5 today - & the admin's thoughts for 2...

I usually type one of these up before the new year, but beggars can't be choosers.

As of writing, Red Sun has been in existence for five whole years. If you log into the loadout today, you'll get your very own 5 year badge as well as a small BP top-up. It's modest but if life wasn't so demanding I'd have a lot more to put out.

2019 was a rough year - but it was also one of the better ones at the same time. I cut down on Steam announcements, so it feels like I failed in my promise of more communication, but at the same time our dev team have been talkative and open about what's been going on behind the curtain, to the point where we've open sourced a few of our popular modes for all to use.

Personally It's been rough, dragging myself back into the grind of 16 hour days and non-stop studying for a useless meme degree, but at the same time I got the chance to go to Insomnia65 and meet up with some of the competitive world of Team Fortress 2, as a server admin no less. It was hard, but fun, and I also met some of you from here, too. I hope to see more of you at Insomnia67 for the next big TF2 LAN event as well. (as of writing, i66 was cancelled, so the shitposting has had to wait for a while.)

So what's on the horizon for 2020? Well, I'm at work designing and creating the next update for the servers along with the dev team, hopefully so we don't have a repeat of 2019 where we had no updates for a full year (instead we had smaller changelogs for individual gamemodes, which I don't think are as appealing - let me know if you think I'm wrong), so I'm going to try and kick things back into gear, and get the fun times back.

Let's keep going, and have some fun. Come drop by for a while and enjoy the salt mines.

Tohru Adachi
Founder/Administrator of Red Sun over Paradise
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