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This is why we can't have nice things

Originally posted by NFOServers Events System:
Re: DDoS attacks from Amazon
Oct 06 2018 08:27:48 AM PT

Amazon (and to a lesser extent, Microsoft and Google) is still experiencing a major problem with abuse and its services have been used to generate extremely large attacks against NFO IP addresses at your location at times recently, including several times this morning specifically. We expect for these attacks to continue through the weekend. Until the target IP address is null-routed as an emergency stopgap measure, these attacks can cause short periods of packet loss and/or high latency for clients whose ISPs take certain paths to reach our services at your location.

We have been reporting every source IP to their ISPs and we are continuing to work to escalate this with the other parties. We have seen many traffic sources taken down, but new ones are frequently being brought online -- and every cloud service IP address can generate at least a full gigabit per second of attack traffic, so even just a few dozen attacking hosts can cause serious impact. A lot of bumps in the road lately have been because of the dipshits pulling this, and it's safe to assume it's not just us at this point who's affected.
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A quick (but not so quick) check-in

forum thread because it's obligatory at this point:

It's been a while since I've written an announcement here, huh? At least a couple of months have gone by without so much as a single word as to what's going on behind the scenes. There is a reason for that, and that's been to do with drama, shitflinging and other trite that has wreaked havoc on a lot of people's lives (myself included) to various degrees, to the point where it's impacted our work.

As a result, a few of us (again, including myself here) have felt more burnt out than usual to the point where we've just been unable to work on anything related to or Team Fortress 2 in general.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been more distant than usual over the last couple of months (including with a few close friends, you know who you are) spending my time sorting the remnants of various shitstorms out along with various other personal fuckfests, meaning I've had to (shockingly) put other things before my ability to shitpost in a small corner of the internet. What a twist.

Regardless, things are still coming along if you're not in the loop, just so you know. They just might be a bit slower than usual, is all.
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Introducing: the new EU Gamemode Madness server

A few days after getting a massive traffic surge from Surny (who's been a regular with us for a while now), our EU server has shot through the GameTracker rankings, currently sitting at 34th as of this message (with our US East one sitting on 160th - considering it was in somewhere in the 3000s, is still impressive), it's pretty obvious there's a bit of a callout to test the waters (especially with the Blap Bash coming up very soon) with more capacity in the EU.

So, from this announcement onwards, you should be able to join Khamsin, our 4th Gamemode Madness server! (even if it's listed as number 3, we just decided to swap the numbers because who cares haHAA)
You can join by using the address listed in the group description, which is in the console, or you can search within the server browser (and favourite it too) with the same address.

Now then, I have shitposting to do on a zimbabwean spearcrafting board, and it is of the utmost priority.

tl;dr join for more eu gamemode madness shenanigans
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New user help thread

Because for once, this is a good problem to have.

One of our community regulars Sparkana has decided to start up a Q&A thread for anyone who wants to ask (pretty much) anything about Red Sun. If you've got hundreds of questions, we've got answers.

You can visit the thread here:
If you don't have an account, just click the "sign in with steam" button on either the Log in or Register buttons on the forum, it's pretty simple after that
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Models/sounds/etc zip file

A few people asked me about getting a zip file of all the server's downloads because of shit internet, and i've obliged.

You can download and extract all the sounds, materials and models from this link:

I'll make subsequent announcements if/when we update it.
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