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  • Developer Applications are open!
    August 11 - 00:23, posted by Frosty Scales
  • We've opened up staff applications for Developers. Everyone including current non-dev staff can apply. Here's a link to the application for those interested:

    As a Developer you gain access to tools such as the dev server for testing new content, and access to the staff discord, steam group, and forum. There is no requirement as to how much content you need to create, as long as you show some use in the long run.
  • [Reverted:] Slight changes to Dodgeball
    August 3 - 13:10, posted by Tohru Adachi
  • We're reverting the Dodgeball changes due to community and staff feedback.

    In addition to the aforementioned crash fixes (which were happening a lot on Dodgeball due to the high player counts + voice command bug), some slight changes to Dodgeball have been made.

    The only notable change for announcement is that, for Dodgeball to appear in map votes, the server must contain a minimum of 16 players. This is to encourage higher playercounts (and thus higher server rankings - we deserve better than 200th place on GameTracker. Come on now.)
  • Quick crash fixes
    August 3 - 12:59, posted by Tohru Adachi
  • We've patched up some issues which would cause in-server crashes as of late.
    Changelog is below.

    • Fixed some models not being precached for specific modes, causing a crash
    • Hotfixed an issue regarding voice command spam causing crashes (it's unlikely we'll be re-enabling voice command spam for a while, at least until Valve fixes the underlying issue)
    • Servers now automatically switch to a random map when the ingame edict count is dangerously high (close to the engine limit)

    The third point might get reverted at some point, since we're getting reports that gamemodes don't load when the map gets suddenly changed, but we thought it was better than having the servers crash at all.